With PEN International’s focus on Impunity through 2012, I attended the UNESCO organised UN inter-agency meeting on the Safety of Journalists and the issue of impunity this week in Vienna.  With Thursday marking the international Day to End Impunity, it was good to meet with other NGOs, UN agencies, the UN Special Rapporteurs Frank La Rue and Christophe Heynes to discuss ways of taking collaborative action globally to combat the freedom of expression issues faced by writers and journalists worldwide.  On Thursday PEN International also launched a new Anthology Write against Impunity – in Spanish and English bringing together a remarkable collection of writings in support of writers and journalists subject to impunity.  The Anthology can be read here: www.pen-international.org

The visit to Vienna also was an opportunity to meet with the Austrian PEN Centre.  Warm thanks to Helmuth A. Niederle and to Jurgen Strasser for their kind hospitality and welcome. The Austrian PEN Centre continues its literary and freedom of expression work with gusto – particular initiatives of note are the current Time to Say: No campaign and the various literary undertakings of the centre which we’ll be featuring on the PEN International website shortly. The  Austrian PEN Centre has a wonderful new home page and there is a write up of our meeting (in German) at: http://www.penclub.at/zz/